Waterfall vs Agile Testing

Agile testing: 

Agile testing is a form of software-testing that includes all members of the project team as well as special experts and testers. Agile testing does not involve testing in a separate phase. Testing is done alongside all phases of the Agile Software Development Life Cycle.

Waterfall Testing:

Waterfall Testing is a method of software testing that involves testing in a different phase. There are steps and steps to be followed and the testing is done in this order. Only after the first phase is completed, or the next level of testing has been completed, can the final step be taken.

The difference between Agile Testing and Waterfall Testing.

Agile TestingWaterfall Testing
Agile testing does not include testing as a separate phase.Testing is an independent phase in waterfall testing.
Agile testing involves testing alongside development.Testing is only done after development has been completed.
Agile testing is a team effort between the testing and development teams.When testing waterfall, the development team and the testing team work independently.
Agile testing involves testers in the requirements.Testers may be involved in waterfall testing.
Acceptance testing is an important part of agile testing. It is done after each iteration.Acceptance testing in waterfall testing takes place only at the end.
Regression testing is an important part of agile testing. It is done after each iteration.Regression testing in waterfall testing is only done at the end.
Agile testing does not have time delays between testing and coding.Normal time delays exist between testing and coding in waterfall testing.
Agile testing allows for different levels of testing to overlap.Testing levels in waterfall testing cannot overlap.
Agile testing is more flexible.Waterfall testing is more rigid than agile testing.
Agile testing requires that the test plan be reviewed after every cycle/sprint.The test plan for waterfall testing is not discussed in a cycle.